For Merchants

1. How is Customer data stored?
Cov19safe.info stores Customer data in an encrypted database on servers in Sydney Australia.

2. How does data get provided to the Health Department or Government Agency for contact tracing?
The information volunteered by the Customer as well as the date and time of the check-in is recorded in the database. If this information is required for contact tracing purposes, Vendors are able to access and provide the appropriate data to the relevant authorities immediately.

3. As a Vendor, what is the purpose of my login account?
Vendors can update details of their business such as name, location, menu etc as well as change passwords. Updated details will be reflected immediately without the need to print out a new QR Code.
Vendors are also able to view basic statistics about Customer check-ins.

4. Does Cov19Safe use location services to track Customers after they check-in?
No. Cov19Safe does not use location services or any form of tracking. Each check-in is an individual event and simply records the data that a Customer has provided along with the date and time of check-in.

5. What if a Customer doesn’t have access to a mobile phone?
The Vendor can make use of their own device to scan and check-in for a Customer who doesn’t have their own mobile phone. Additionally, multiple check-ins can be submitted with a single scan of the QR Code.Vendors can also log into their account and access the ‘Visitor check-in’ form.

6. How much does this service cost?
Cov19Safe is a free service intended to help Vendors collect their Customer contact information solely for the purpose of Covid-19 contact tracing.

7. How is the Customer data protected?
The data provided by Customers upon check-in is subject to full end-to-end encryption using AES-256 encryption. This data is encrypted at the point of check-in by the Customer and is encrypted both in transit and at rest at the data center.